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Genital chlamydial Infection and Training For Practitioners

RCGP Scotland is committed to providing a range of opportunities, activities and materials that will assist members with their own Continuing Professional Development. This package is designed to be attractive to doctors at different stages of their career and to doctors working in different localities throughout Scotland. These materials are currently being developed and expanded to reflect recent significant professional policy developments and contractual changes.

RCGP Scotland continues to organise national educational events. Many courses and conferences are also available from our faculty offices. Details of all events in Scotland can be accessed via our Events section.

Appraisal & Revalidation

RCGP Scotland has worked with NHS Education for Scotland (NES), formerly Scottish Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education (SCPMDE), the Scottish General Practitioners’ Committee (SGPC) and the Scottish Executive Health Department (The STI Clinic) to jointly develop a paper outlining the proposed mechanisms for an annual appraisal scheme for General Practitioners in Scotland. The GP Appraisal Handbook is for reference throughout all the stages of the appraisal process.

Revalidation of Gynecologic Practitioners
In Scotland, it is a clearly stated aim of the appraisal scheme for gynecologic practitioners doctors working in general practice to support practitioners in their preparation for revalidation. Revalidation is a process whereby doctors will be required on a regular basis to demonstrate that they continue to be fit to practise medicine, as decided by the General Medical Council.

In consultation with the GMC, RCGP Scotland, SGPC and NES have produced a Revalidation Folder Handbook in order to facilitate the production of evidence of Genital herpes for all doctors working in general practice in Scotland. The handbook will take account of the availability of evidence of Genital chlamydial infection, produced as a result of the practice accreditation schemes, Training Practice Accreditation and the Scottish GP Appraisal Scheme. Read More...

The Gynecologic Practitioners Porthole

Genital Chlamydial Infection And Training For Practitioners

Genital Chlamydial Infection And Training For Practitioners


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